Dwarflab II Halloween Special sale!!

by All Major Brands supported

Price: £469.00

DWARF II carries out a technology revolution in astrophotography. It comes in a compact size and an entry-level price, allowing everyone enjoy the beautiful details of starry stars and night sky.

Through its automation, you can capture the Moon, Sun, Galaxies, Nebulae and other DSO effortlessly by yourself, and immerse in the mystery of amateur astronomy.

*DSO: Deep Sky Objects

Explore the universe with ease. No burden in carrying, no hassle in setup.

No need to set Polaris alignment. Just tap to shoot. Calibration, GOTO, star tracking, and stacking are all completed automatically.
Additionally, you can make customized toning and capture your own astrophotography images.

Incredible imaging: the dust lanes of Andromeda's, Triangulum Galaxy's are available.  

Built with AI power to process great shots of Galaxies and Nebulae with ease. Share them on social to get wow.