Celestron CG-9.25 SCT Telescope on a guided (not GOTO) Celestron German Equatorial Mount

by Celestron

Price: £450.00

This is a superb opportunity to purchase an almost as new, boxed, advanced beginner telescope at a very affordable price. This CG-9-1/4 telescope fills the niche between the Celestron 8" models and the CG-11 telescopes more so for those who aspire to do astrophotography. This system is a good choice for those who require a relatively compact, and easily manageable system with a solid Celestron German Equatorial mount.

  The Celestron 9-1/4" telescope is about the largest Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope that can very easily be managed by any healthy person. It features a note worthy increase in light through put over an 8" f10 SCT; measurements show a difference in actual transmission of 635X the light gathering power of the unaided human eye (predicated on a nominal 7mm exit pupil) versus 850X for the 9-1/4" model - all with very little difference in portability and no difference in ease of set up or use between the 8" and 9.25" models. The Celestron 9-1/4" system offers the best contrast of any of the production SCT models, this is particularly helpful to one in a suburban environment where clarity of image is more critical than sheer light gathering power.