Bresser Skylux 70, 700mm Refractor and mount

by Sky-Watcher

Price: £119.00

Bresser Skylux
The sharp optics, user friendly design and stable mountof this classical refractor have made it one of the best selling telescopes in Europe. In the last few years tens of thousands of observers have started their new hobby - astronomy with a BRESSER Skylux. Enjoy the spectacular views this telescope gives you from the surface of the Moon, nearly 400,000km away, and watch the cloud bands of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. The BRESSER Skylux is equipped with an equatorial mount and accepts 31,7 mm accessories.

Included with your purchase: Skylux refractor, diagonal mirror, preassembled steel tripod, 1.5x erecting lens, rotatable accessory tray, astro software, 5x24 viewfinder, 3Kellner eyepieces

70mm aperture and 700mm focal length.