Visionary 10x50 HD

by Optical Hardware

Price: £90.00

The Visionary HD series is designed with the idea of coupling magnifications to their optimum front lens size to give exceptional clarity and brightness. The 10x magnification is well suited for birds and nature viewing and ideal as a general purpose model. This model is designed to give high clarity, high power and a natural well-balanced image (true to life colour due to multi-coated lenses).

High-Resolution BAK4 prisms ensure a brighter image throughout the range of magnifications by maximising light transmission. Efficient use of the light gathered is particularly important at high magnifications where images appear darker or for applications were colour identification is essential.

The traditional porro prism designed gives higher quality images when compared to roof prism or compact (reverse) porro prism designs in the same price range.

Long eye relief makes these binoculars ideal for spectacle wearers. It enables users wearing glasses to view the entire field of view as the binocular image is projected further out of the exit pupil.

The quality of the image produced by these binoculars is such that you could use it for applications that would normally require a higher magnification and it compares favourably to binoculars more than double its normal retail price.

Magnification: 10x
Front Lens Diameter (mm): 50
Field of View (m @ 1000m): 113
Dimensions (LxWxH mm): 170 x 186 x 62

Weight (g): 875